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Creating the tote bag

Honestly, I’m very excited to start experimenting on the creation of the tote bag design. I will be using a second-hand old Jeans to create a tote bag! Let’s see how it goes. Honestly, I’m quite nervous that I might fail this mission in creating a tote bag. But all negativity aside I’m going to try and do this! #ican #commenherspirit

Firstly, tadaaa this is the old Jeans that I‘m talking about. It looks unappealing and I‘m not sure if it will get a second owner looking at the pants condition. However, no worries, I will be doing some magic of upcycling these old jeans into a tote bag! Now watch me…

I lay out the jeans and cut it into big chunks of jeans so that I can break down it into several pieces. Was really annoyed with the cutting process as my cutting lines were not straight. Perks of being a perfectionist. 


Look at my cutting its horrible! #ughhh But, I believe this is just the hang of cutting a jeans.
After cutting the jeans into sections I start by joining the pieces together to form a tote bag. I took out the back pockets of the jeans to make it into a front pouch for my tote bag. I wanted to do this as it looks unique and I reduce material wastage. It was really fun sewing. It was really fun sewing! However, my machine kept breaking down. The bobbin thread is always stuck which gets annoying, but I managed to get the hang of it after awhile. 

For the lining of the tote bag I used a waste fabric. It has a really beautiful print on it and the colour is really attractive!

Honestly, sewing the lining was the best part of the process.

I’ve also added a button on the tote bag so that you can keep your items safely intact.

The reveal!

Yay, I managed to make my tote bag prototype! Well there is room for improvement but I’m quite excited to release this product for you! <3 Stay updated to see my progress!