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Our Journey Starts Here!

Hello, we are a group of youngster who are really passionate in creating a business which contributes a positive impact to planet earth! Just like you, young souls, we love staying up-to-date with the fashion trend. Especially as a teenager we see FASHION as one way to portray our identity.  However, we realize that the fast fashion brands that we purchase from have contributed to the many reason of climate change which saddens us. Thus, this is where we got inspired to create Commenhers! 


Having a team of 5 members each of us have our own different capabilities such as sewing, illustrating, drawing and many more. But one thing for sure all of us are interested in FASHION and the thrifting trend. However, we realize some clothes in thrift shops do not get purchased because it is either outdated or ugly which later it will be thrown (FABRIC WASTE). TinkTink* that’s where our business idea is born! We took this opportunity to buy these outdated clothing and making it into something of higher quality & value (upcycle). The first item that we created was a scrunchie made from used flannel. Afterwards, we didn’t look back and continue making more items such as tote bags, headbands & bucket hat. And more to come… 


We hope our action in making sustainable fashion a lifestyle will make a difference in the community we are living in and also save planet earth. No small move in saving the earth will be a waste. So, do join our journey in making a change and yet also stay fashionable! Follow us on our Instagram for our latest update..